A large part of giving our patients a comfortable dental experience while providing them the best aesthetic and functional results, is utilizing the latest and most highly acclaimed dental equipment and services. Introducing digital technologies into our practice has brought about many exciting changes. We wanted a digital impression system that would create better restorative fits, improved clinical results and reduced appointment time. Some of the most groundbreaking and highly successful digital impression technology worldwide has come from TRIOS.

Featuring Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology, TRIOS® utilizes up to 1,000 3D pictures to create geometries based on real data. The scanner captures more than 3,000 2D images per second and does not require dentists to apply spray to coat the patient's teeth, making scanning fast, accurate and comfortable for patients. Dentists can preview 3D lab designs on the TRIOS screen, evaluate and agree on margin lines, access virtual diagnostic wax-ups and generally discuss cases with labs and patients when convenient.

TRIOS® is spray-and-powder-free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort. The scanner provides complete motion and positioning freedom and the large touch screen shows live visualization as you scan. The dentist can edit scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results show unwanted details . This system creates a highly accurate and aesthetic product with reduced time in a very comfortable environment for our patients. For more information please contact us.